Welcome to RETINA, a groundbreaking initiative that marks a new era in photonic-based sensory systems. Our mission is to revolutionize the fields of healthcare, automotive, and agriculture through advanced photonics. RETINA aims to create a holistic framework for the development of next-generation hardware and software solutions, including innovative LIDAR solutions and CMOS imaging technologies. Our goal is to integrate these advancements with cutting-edge Machine Learning Perception, ensuring our solutions are agile, efficient, and tailored to the high-value, customized needs of our key industries. At RETINA, we’re not just developing technology; we’re shaping the future.


Utilizes Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) and Quantum Dots (QDs) for adaptable hardware that meets diverse industry needs without increasing complexity or cost.


Employs advanced LIDAR and hyperspectral imaging technologies, enabling unmatched accuracy in real-time data acquisition and processing across healthcare, automotive, and agriculture sectors.


Integrates novel CMOS and InGaAs detectors with hybrid optical microfilters, reducing overall system expenses while maintaining high-resolution imaging capabilities.

RETINA is at the forefront of transforming three critical sectors: healthcare, automotive, and agriculture. Our photonic technologies are designed to address unique challenges in these industries, ensuring that our solutions are not only innovative but also highly relevant and impactful. By focusing on these key areas, RETINA is set to become a major driver of technological advancement, delivering benefits that extend far beyond the immediate applications of our systems.